Syringe Pump

Syringe Pump Jenis syringe 5,10,20,30,50(60)ml disposable sterile syringes Volume yang masuk (VTBI) (0-1000)ml KVO rate (0.1-2)ml/h, diatur oleh user; default: 0.1ml/h infusion rate 5ml syringe:(0.1-150)ml/h 10ml syringe:(0.1-300)ml/h 20ml syringe:(0.1-600)ml/h 30ml syringe:(0.1-900)ml/h 50ml(60ml) syringe:(0.1-1500)ml/h Infusion accuracy:±2% Bolus rate 5ml syringe:(100-150)ml/h 10ml syringe:(100-300)ml/h 20ml syringe:(100-600)ml/h 30ml syringe:(100-900)ml/h 50ml(60ml) syringe:(100-1500)ml/h Purge 5mlsyringe:150 ml/h 10mlsyringe:300 ml/h 20mlsyringe:600 ml/h 30mlsyringe:900 […]

Infusion Pump

Infusion Pump Spesifikasi : Features • Visual and alarm sounds for already weakened batteries, infusion process has been completed, valves open, incorrect settings etc; • HD LCD display, Easy way of using, dynamically displaying working status; • Compatible with brands of infusion sets after correct calibration • Preset volume solution that greatly reduces the workload […]