Infant Warmer G4

Microprocessor based servo controlled temperature system Three modes: pre-warm, manual and automatic
Audible and visual Alarm functions:
Power failure, temperature deviation, temperat u re sensor failure, skin temperature failure, over temperature. Skin temperature, auxiliary temperature and ambient temperature are displayed. Built-in breath combination mode (negative pressure suction, continuous oxygen infusion IO”LCD colorful touch screen. Carbon steel heater more effective. Separate keyboard lock to prevent misoperation. Special design inclined heater head is more convenience for X-ray image Convenient X-ray cassette tray under infant bed. Integral timer to record therapy time. Electric infant bed step-less adjustable tilt ±12°. Four transparent protector with 12 infusion seals can be flipped and removed The height of whole unit can be adjusted, pedal switch. LED observation light, lighting direction 360°adjustable The tray is adjustable up and down. With oxygen supply system, LED phototherapy, baby weight system, pulse oximeter. With RS-232 connector and 1 big drawer




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