Infant Incubator G5


Incubator and warmer work mode, servo controlled by micro-computer
Multi audible and visual alarm functions, self-testing function
8″ rotatable and movable color LCD display touchscreen with day & night modes
Infant bed can be pulled out bidirectionally
USB, RS-232 connector, SD card slot
Foot pedal electric elevator

lncubator features:
Temp control mode: Air and Skin mode
Humidity control system, oxygen concentration control system
Two skin temp sensors for measurement of central and peripheral
Set temperature, air temperature, baby skin temperature, humidity, oxygen concentration

>37° temperature set function
Triple protection for over temperature with separate cut off device, more safety system
Double wall hood, 4 operating windows, 1 iris port 9 big infusion seals Oxygen inlet

Warmer features:
Control mode: Pre-warm, manual and automatic mode
Carbon steel heater more effective
Special design inclined heater head is more convenient for X-ray image Bigger mattress, electric infant bed tilt ±12°
Transparent protector can be fold down with damping function
Baby weight system, X-ray cassete tray




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