Hospital Bed 3 Crank Electric

Contruction using combined material between steel sheets

(thickness 6 mm, 5mm, 4 mm),

steel square (30 x 60 x 2 mm) ,

steel pipe (0 42.5 x 2mm) and assembled with MIG weld Mattres Platform composed by four section made of galvanized steel sheet (thickness 1 mm), perforated with emboss style equipped with mattress stopper at all side made of steel

Dimension : (L) 2200 x (W) 965 x (H) 600-815 mm(± 10 mm)

Adjustable Position : Back raise elevation 0-80°/ Knee raise elevation 0-40°
Matress platform Hi-Lo 600mm -500mm

Max Load : 180 Kg

Head and foot panel : Stainless with layering by vynil

Optional : Stainless steel guard and infusion stand

Castor : Four 5″ castor (two with brake & swivel lock)




Dream E3

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