A Giant Mixsafe (Infant Blending Resuscitator) Participated in Medical Equipment and Health Product Expo in 54th National Health Day

Once, Head of Communication Bureau and Public Service ever said that currently 328 medical equipment has already been made by Indonesian manufacture (http://sehatnegeriku.kemkes.go.id/baca/rilis-media/20181108/4428570/produksi-alat-kesehatan-negeri-meningkat/)

Considering the number, comparing to what PT. Fyrom International has put in LKPP’s e-catalogue along the way, we could say that almost 20% from the number has already been produced by PT. Fyrom International

That’s why we put a giant Mixsafe (our Infant Blending Resuscitator) in front of our booth at the event ….. we might get the average place at the moment, but we are contributing …. Indeed.

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