Espiro CPAP

Espiro CPAP

  • Spesifikasi dari ESPIRO CPAP
  • Power 350 watt
  • Weight 15 Kg
  • Dimension (PxLxT) :  580 x 310 x 1000 mm
  • Oxygen /air blender
  • CPAP frame with I.V pole
  • System 100 re-useable
  • Neonates and pediatric patient
  • Automatic control
  • Up to 20 liter per minute flow capacity
  • Stable censor for accurate temperature control
  • Solid stay relay for long operation
  • Automatic valve to cut off O₂ (if the power is off) for safety
  • Five alarm: to high temperature, to low temperature, no tube set, humidity fault, power failure



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